Destroy the Evil Dr.Link and guide the Hero to freedom in this 2D Platform adventure.

Made withUnity


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Thanks for participating! See you next year!

Game Update to Version 2 which changed movement sharpness and getting on and off platforms easier although it is slightly tricky.

Got 'im, 6th go :) I was actually sweating though...!

Took me back to my old spectrum days, except the colours are better now - nice!

I love this game - totally addictive and frustrating.  It reminds me of Morris minor in the 80s (I was a bit rubbish a that too lol).  Its one of those games that will keep you occupied for hours, and definitely wishing that you had more lives!

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The enemies only take 2 hits and seems to be working for me ok.

There is a shoot delay with the bow which is why you may be finding it difficult.

Its so hard! Couldnt even go through the first zombie/monster. Also the control is a little bit buggy, as it doesnt always do what I press.