In the year 2050 the AI system Odyssey becomes self aware and threatens the survival of life on Earth.

However, Odyssey has a flaw which initiates its self destruct upon Locating the 4 Disruptor chips and using them on the consoles on each of the 4 Levels.

Run, crouch and crawl your way through the 4 levels and destroy Odyssey.

Made withUnity


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Liked it! Reminded me a bit of "Saboteur" by Durell Games, a long time ago!

Hi to the community, this is my entry into this years Fall GameJam. 

This is my second Jam after Coming 7th in the Summer Jam with Dungeon of Doom. With hopes of placing higher this time with a more polished Game.

Comments about the game are welcome, 

hope you enjoy the game.